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How our Products Outperform Packfresh, Wallaby and Harvest Right

Based on third party testing, our oxygen absorbers have the highest actual rating tested among our retail competitors. Our absorbers rated 35-45% better than Harvest Right, Packfresh and Top Mylar, and almost 400% their rated capacity (our 300cc absorbers rated 1103cc actual). 2 brands tested didn't even meet their rating (Wallaby and Amazon Full-Seal) and 1 had very little excess capacity (Home Sense, and that was a 500cc absorber which rated HALF our 300cc absorber), barely enough to allow time to open the bag and move the absorbers to Mylar Bags.  Oxygen absorbers are not all the same, and using low-rated oxygen absorbers can put your food storage at risk.  The cost per CC of Wallaby Oxygen absorbers is over 500% more than these!  The cost per CC of Packfresh absorbers is double ours.  Want to easily verify this?  Check out the Youtube video link.  Additionally, you can just weigh our absorbers vs. theirs.  Iron powder is iron powder, and more of it will absorb more oxygen.  Our competitors' absorbers generally weigh half or less what ours do.

Our Mylar bags also outperform our retail competitors.  Our 7 mil bags rated 30% higher on puncture strength than Top Mylar, Harvest Right and Wallaby 7 mil bags. On Tensile and Burst Strength, we were close to 90% better than Packfresh, Wallaby and Harvest Right. 

All Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are NOT the same.  Better food storage products will give you a longer shelf life.  And as the data shows, ours are the best available.