Canadian Shipping of Full Cases

So we're going to try free shipping of cases to Canada on wholesale cases (some of our West Coast orders cost as much to ship as it does to Canada).  These links will allow you to pay for them.  Then drop us a note at and we'll pull the order from Paypal.  I don't know what the duties will be on your end, I know they're pricey, but my hope is offering free shipping helps.  This is a work in progress, so please bear with us while we get this right.

Please note you can't build a full cart of multiple items, but you can order and pay multiple times if you want multiple items.

The per unit cost of a couple of things may be a little different than you see in other spots on the website (the 8x12 in particular right now, as we are offering this at lower margins and so its hard to work free shipping in at the ultra low 300 unit price).

If there's a case of something you want that we're not offering, please let us know.  Some sale items may not be available

You can use this link:  Shopping to Canada 7 Mil Wholesale Cases

Or this QR Code: