Mylar® Bags & Oxygen Absorbers Combo Kits

Discount Mylar Bags may be the only site still providing Mylar bags made with actual Mylar®.  Most other sellers are using inferior barrier layers with signifcantly less burst and tensile strength.  Why?  Because its cheaper.  Discount may be in our name, but we never skimp on quality.

These combo kits include all you need to store whatever quantity of food you want to put away for your family.  If you ever need advice, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Mylar® Bags are an integral part of long-term food storage. Our Mylar® bags are multi-layered bags of PET (Polyethylene) and aluminum foil and have excellent oxygen, light and moisture barrier properties.  Mylar® is FDA, EU, CFIA compliant for direct food contact for high temperature cooking applications up to 425F.  

Discount Mylar Bags continuously improves our products, solicits feedback from customers, and answers questions and provides honest advice to customers. Enjoy complimentary shipping for orders over $75 within the contiguous U.S. Our Mylar Bags are 'Just Better' than our competitors.  Check out how our bags are stronger than our competitors at this link.

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