How our Products Outperform Harvest Right, Packfresh and Wallaby


According to independent testing (check out Phil@4800's series on Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers), our oxygen absorbers boast the highest actual ratings compared to those of our competitors in the retail market. Testing revealed that our absorbers outperformed Harvest Right, Packfresh, and Top Mylar by 35-45%, and surpassed their rated capacities by almost 400% (with our 300cc absorbers achieving an actual rating of 1103cc). Notably, two tested brands, Wallaby and Amazon Full-Seal, failed to meet their claimed ratings, while another, Home Sense, offered significantly less excess capacity (with its 500cc absorbers rating only half of our 300cc absorbers). This disparity underscores the importance of selecting high-rated oxygen absorbers to safeguard your food storage. Furthermore, our prices significantly undercut competitors; for instance, one of the highest-visibility brands (on Amazon and Facebook) absorbers cost over 500% more per CC than ours, another great marketer's absorbers are double the price. You can easily verify these differences by watching our YouTube video or simply comparing the weight of our absorbers to theirs—more iron powder translates to more efficient oxygen absorption, and our competitors' absorbers typically weigh significantly less.

Moreover, our Mylar bags also outshine those of our retail counterparts. Our 7 mil bags exhibit a 30% higher puncture strength compared to Top Mylar, Harvest Right, and Wallaby's equivalents. Additionally, our bags demonstrate approximately 90% better tensile and burst strength than those from Packfresh, Wallaby, and Harvest Right.

It's essential to recognize that not all Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are created equal. Superior-quality storage products offer extended shelf life, and as evidenced by the data, ours are unequivocally the best on the market.