Mylar® Bags

Mylar® Bags are an integral part of long-term food storage. Our Mylar® bags are multi-layered bags of Mylar®, PET (Polyethylene) and aluminum foil and have excellent oxygen, light and moisture barrier properties.  Mylar® is FDA, EU, CFIA compliant for direct food contact for high temperature cooking applications up to 425F.  

You'll find we provide a variety of bags from small Mylar® bags fit for meal-sized quantities to 5 gallon Mylar® bags for storing large quantities of grains, rice, and more. We are now offering a heavy duty Mylar® gun/cache bag for equipment storage. 

Discount Mylar Bags continuously improves our products, solicits feedback from customers, and answers questions and provides honest advice to customers. Enjoy complimentary shipping for orders over $75 within the contiguous U.S. Our Mylar Bags are 'Just Better' than our competitors.  Check out how our bags are stronger than our competitors at this link.

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