Freeze Drying Ahead, Captain!

Posted by Tobias Truman on 3rd Oct 2017

I am very excited to announce we have become an official Harvest Right Freeze Dryer distributor.  We are currently hard at work upgrading our space to accommodate one or two working freeze dryers.  Our plan is to use them daily ourselves so we can become experts on using and maintaining them as well as providing great ideas for our customers.  

Our plan is to create a cooperative community of food storers in our local area where we will provide access to some great equipment including freeze dryers, a #10 dry canner like the LDS use, and some game processing equipment (we have a lot of local folks that hunt and raise game animals).

We are also dedicating some space for ourselves and other community members to offer classes around various food storage techniques, whether that be dehydrating, long term storage of dry goods, or freeze drying.  

We are very excited!  Feel free to drop us a note if you are in Middle Tennessee and we will keep you up to date on our progress!