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Freeze Drying Ahead, Captain!

Posted by Tobias Truman on 4th Oct 2017

I am very excited to announce we have become an official Harvest Right Freeze Dryer distributor.  We are currently hard at work upgrading our space to accommodate one or two working freeze dryers … read more

Now Hiring: Warehouse Guru

Posted by Tobias Truman on 1st May 2017

Synopsis: Work in a laid back but busy environment on any number of different tasks.Pay:  Starts at $8, $12 an hour at 6 months fully trained, $15 after a year if you're really good.  $.25 … read more

Odor-Proof Packaging

Posted by Tobias Truman on 4th Apr 2017

You may have noticed I've started to add 'odor-proof' to the titles and descriptions of our items.  To be honest, it wasn't something I paid a lot of attention to in the past.  Because of th … read more

Offering Exclusive Overseas Distributorships

Posted by Tobias Truman on 17th Jul 2015

Over the years, I've received dozens of emails from folks overseas asking about selling Mylar Bags/Oxygen Absorbers in their country.  With more help here at the warehouse allowing me the chance … read more

The 'Genuine Mylar' Question; does it mean anything?

Posted by Tobias Truman on 14th Jun 2015

I do my best to keep updated on what my competition is doing.  I always make sure our prices are awesome and competitive and that we continue to expand our product selection to match what our cus … read more