Odor-Proof Packaging

Posted by Tobias Truman on 4th Apr 2017

You may have noticed I've started to add 'odor-proof' to the titles and descriptions of our items.  To be honest, it wasn't something I paid a lot of attention to in the past.  Because of the aluminum layer in most of our bags, and their 5-layer composition, they have MUCH better smell proof properties than any of the clear bags on the market.  

I am considering renaming our bags "the Everything Bag":  oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, aroma barrier...I am even testing whether we can sous vide in them.

With the recent election, our (and everybody else in the prepper niche) sales have hit a bit of a slump.  Digging into the market, however, I have found that we are already well-prepared to serve customers outside of that niche.  The odor proof market, with little companies like Smelly Proof, Opsak/Loksak and a bunch of others on Amazon, are offering 3 mil clear 'odor resistant' bags for more (often a LOT more) than we charge for full 5 mil Aluminum Foil bags of even a larger size.  They are also offering single layer barrier bags vs our 5 layer bags with a full Aluminum Foil layer.

We already serve customers in the pharmaceutical industry, animal feed companies, military munitions business, research laboratories, and tons in the food storage and prepper niches.  If you need top quality odor proof bags, I hope you'll give us a chance to serve you as well!