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Offering Exclusive Overseas Distributorships

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Over the years, I've received dozens of emails from folks overseas asking about selling Mylar Bags/Oxygen Absorbers in their country.  With more help here at the warehouse allowing me the chance to thoroughly examine the process, I would love to extend the opportunity to no more than 1 business or individual per country to be the Official Distributor for Discount Mylar Bags/ShieldPro brand products.  

As with any business, there are challenges and risks associated with even a modest capital outlay.  However, there is also the potential to create a very profitable niche business, especially because most countries don't have anyone focused on just selling food storage supplies.  Sure, there are some folks that buy directly from the US off of eBay or Amazon (at a large premium), but there are very few places with a resident seller.  

Being first into a market is a huge deal; there are dozens of competitor's in the US, and many folks have built significant businesses ($500,000 sales annually).  That leads me to believe that places without much competition offer very fertile markets to an ambitious entrepreneur.  We regularly get folks buying from us around the world, even when the price of shipping is $100 or more.  Being able to offer products without a huge shipping cost would earn lots of business in many places (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia are three countries where I know there is significant interest in food storage and Mylar Bags).

All that said, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the capital requirement.  If you are reading this and are interested in becoming a distributor for a well-known and liked brand, and have at least $10,000 in capital to get started (for inventory and shipping of pallets overseas), please drop me a line at to discuss your needs and goals.