Gen 2.0 Hot Seal 8"x12" 2 Quart (50 count) FoodSaver Compatible Textured/Embossed Mylar® Vacuum Bags

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Product Overview

This is a ShieldPro Exclusive bag! (Please note that the Gen 2.0 bags are the same thickness as the previous version, but due to the far less aggressive texturing, they will feel significantly lighter...this allows it seal at a lower temperature and will work in more vacuum sealers than the Gen 1.0 bags)

Why should you us it:  Any aluminum foil bag, of any thickness, is up up to 500 times more effective at blocking moisture and oxygen from penetrating the bag compared to a standard clear vacuum bag.  Many standard vacuum sealers won't reach the temperature necessary to seal an aluminum vacuum bag.

If you are looking for a higher end sealer we know will seal this bag, go here: 

Pro 350 Vacuum Sealer

Mylar Bags are your first line of defense for long-term food storage.  When combined with oxygen absorbers and a bucket, Mylar creates the best long-term protection system for your food that you can buy.  Our Mylar bags are multi-layered bags of PET (Polyethylene) and aluminum foil and have excellent oxygen, light and moisture barrier properties.

  • 8"x12" Two Quart 4 mil Thick ChannAl Foil Vacuum Bags
  • Sealable With Hot Iron - Can Reseal After Opening
  • Ideal for Long Term Food Storage
  • Light, Moisture, Oxygen Barrier & Puncture Resistant
  • This Size bag is perfect for meal-sized quantities of rice, beans, or legumes, as well as a great size for spices, sugar and salt. (Up to 2 pounds per bag.)
  • We recommend heat sealing above the Zip Seal for best results.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review