SteelPak 11"x16' (Case of 48 Rolls) FoodSaver Compatible Textured/Embossed Mylar® Vacuum Seal Roll

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Product Overview

Introducing a ShieldPro exclusive—the first and only patented Food Saver compatible vacuum seal mylar bag! This bag boasts an unparalleled 4500% increase in protection against oxygen penetration compared to a standard Food Saver bag. Benefits include:

  • Vacuum Sealer Compatible: Our patented SteelPak bag stands alone as the sole metallized Mylar bag compatible with the majority of major vacuum sealers, requiring no additional attachments.

  • Customizable Length for Various Uses: With our 8-inch or 11-inch rolls, you have the flexibility to cut to your desired length, eliminating wastage and ensuring efficient use of material, all while benefiting from the proven protection of Mylar storage.

  • Scientifically Proven Better than Plastic/Poly Bags: Backed by scientific evidence, our SteelPak 4 mil Mylar bags surpass plastic/poly bags with astounding efficacy. Independent testing reveals that they are scientifically 4500% more effective at blocking oxygen penetration compared to all leading poly vacuum bags.

  • Multiple Uses: Great for sous vide cooking, refrigeration, dry packing or freezing (for long term storage). *Not for microwave use.

  • Engineered for food safety & long term food storage: Designed with a unique texture to facilitate optimal air extraction, ensuring extended refrigerator and freezer storage life while guarding against freezer burn.

  • Better protection, better value: Why settle for less protection when you can have more? Our patented, one-of-a-kind storage bags offer the perfect blend of vacuum sealing advantages and the protective properties of Mylar, all at an unbeatable value.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review